Men say that women gossip, and men “shoot the breeze”.  However, both genders, no matter how you package it, engage in gossip.

Some people feel no shame in promoting gossip, and since they justify it as telling the truth, there is no harm in spreading it… On the condition that it doesn’t get back to the person being gossiped about.  However, what they don’t realize is that even though you may tell someone to “keep it to themselves”, they never do, and when it spreads, the story grows.

It’s like the game of “telephone” we played when we were children.  The message was always so far from what was actually said at the end, that it was funny.  This is a great example of gossip, but the end result it far from funny as often, like the game, it is so distorted, but unlike the game, lies are being built in that can damage someone’s reputation or family.

Worse yet, they are far from the truth, but are accepted as truth.

Even worse, it’s always traced back to the main source who broke the confidence.  Often, the relationship is tarnished and trust is broken.

Even worse yet, no one can trust a gossip, so don’t expect a lot of people to confide in you.

Learn what God has to say about gossip and why this is so destructive.  No matter how you package it, gossip is still gossip.

“Gossip: Who’s It Really Hurting” will teach you how to put an end to the gossip mill once and for all.  This article is coming out in our August issue appearing on our website… TOMORROW!

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