You Feel Guilty For Even Wondering if someone has received salvation, But If You Are Honest, You See No Fruit

They say they are saved and can even quote the date/experience in vivid detail. However, when you look at their life, there is no change. “How can they be saved and still life the same horrible lifestyle that dishonours God?” you silently ask yourself.

You feel guilty for even wondering if they are saved or not because it’s such a personal thing, but you can’t help but wonder. You don’t want to ask them if they really are saved, because it would only backfire, so you have to be content to take their word for it.

But you wonder. You silently wonder if this is even possible.


Things That Made You Go, “Hmmmm”…

  1. They say they read their Bible every day, but they still exhibit all the same bad behaviour. There is no change in ANY of their behaviour that would indicate that the Word was alive in their heart. “How can that be?” you ask yourself. “How can you have a relationship with God, read your Bible, and not have your life transformed?”
  2. They claim they are operating in signs and wonders, but nothing manifests. For example, someone who claims to operate in the prophetic but none of their prophesies manifest, or someone who claims to flow in healing… and no one ever gets healed.
  3. They don’t act like a believer, or like they even know what God’s about. They can speak the language, but if you listen closely, they appear to be a counterfeit.
  4. You get that feeling as if something is spiritually “off” about the person. There appears to be more demonic and too few supernatural.

Why Would Someone Be Deceitful About Their Salvation?

We don’t know. For some people, they just want to fit in, but haven’t yet accepted Jesus into their hearts yet. They may be afraid to, not ready yet, or just don’t want to be hounded about their decision. Some may just not be very authentic, and there are a very select few that are in possession of a demon. These are the most dangerous because they tend to lead people astray with false doctrine.

In fact, scripture warns us of these people calling them “false prophets“. They speak words that sound like they came from the Bible, some twist biblical principles, and their revelations don’t like up with scripture. People will twist the scripture to their own truth, to support their own lifestyle, to justify their own lifestyle, or to manipulate people.

In our July issue, we asked the question as to whether it was possible for someone to have experienced salvation yet have no fruit in their life. There are those who attend church and were baptized as a child, but are really “Sunday Christians”. They are there on a Sunday, hear a message, and live any way they want. It appears as if they are there for optics, obligation, or tradition… But they aren’t there for God unless they need Him.

The big question: Can you be saved and not be transformed in any way, shape or form? Can a person say the prayer of salvation but not mean it in their heart? And if they do say it, but don’t mean it, are they still saved? What about if they felt pressure to give their life? Are they still saved?

Margaret Armonious discusses these questions, and delves into the reasons why this may be appearing on the surface, and to answer the question as to if they are saved, or not. How can you tell? Can you tell?

Find out in our next issue coming out on June 26, 2019.

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