Raising children is not an easy task!  Furthermore, raising godly leaders of tomorrow in an ungodly world can almost seem daunting to parents.  Each parent ends up wondering if they did enough, equipped their children enough, protected them enough, and taught them enough to endure what the world throws their way.  We pray continually that our children would be on fire for God, and that they would not waiver in their faith.  We pray that they remain pure in the midst of incredible temptation, and that their innocence is never stolen.  Many of us feel ill-equipped to handle such a monumental responsibility, and at the end of the day we find peace in knowing that we did the best we could.  We take comfort in knowing that God has the rest, and will protect our children when they are out of sight.

At every turn, our children are being confronted with worldly values.  When the world isn’t trying to force them to grow up before they are mentally and spiritually able, they are not preparing our children for life.  As parents, we can no longer rely on the system to teach our children what values to have, and how to differentiate from right or wrong.  In the world, there really are no absolutes, but many shades of grey that we must accept or be persecuted.

How do we teach our children to hold on to their innocence when they are being told to grow up so fast?  Children are being taught at younger ages to date- courting is a thing of the past, and often called simply, “old-fashioned”.  Yet God has our spouse in mind- He’s even selected them for us, and we don’t have to “date around” just to find them.  We just have to ask and wait.  And if it’s not the mating thing, then children are being confronted with language issues (vulgarity, profanity), and overt sexuality during prime time viewing!  Even if the shows are clean, the advertisements often are not.  At the end of the day, how do we teach our children to be the godly leaders of tomorrow without falling prey to the wiles of today?

Lisa Stillwell will teach you how to train your children to be on fire for Jesus- and to stay that way!  In the midst of the worldly garbage, we can still raise incredible kids for God that will impact our world greater than we did.  In turn, they will teach the next generation, and if we keep going, maybe the tides will turn.  However, if we don’t take a stand and raise them up as godly leaders, we loose another generation to the world.  God doesn’t receive the glory, and being a Christian begins to have no real meaning.  It just fades into the darkness.

Learn how to raise up godly, passionate children in our next issue coming out on January 26, 2018!

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