If you said, “Amen” to crushing Satan, then our March issue will provide you with ALL the tools necessary to live in victory!

COVID has left many people globally feeling depressed, anxious, and even suicidal. We fail to realize that this is where Satan wants our faith. He doesn’t want us to know that there is a victory just ahead of us… No! He wants us to live well below what God has designed for our lives. He wants us to live in defeat.

March 2021 will teach you how to live a life of victory, and make Satan afraid to mess with you! Isn’t that a wild idea! In it, we address many common issues that people wrestle with such as:

  • What happened with my healing?
  • If God’s promises are yes and amen, why haven’t they manifested, yet?
  • Why are only negative things manifesting in my life?
  • I am a believer, but I am so fearful that _________. How can I overcome Satan in this area?
  • And more.

We also discuss subjects that can jumpstart your road to victory on topics that some churches don’t always discuss.

  • God does prosper you, but it isn’t always just financially.
  • Why wisdom should be sought after. Why is it so important?
  • How to make your confessions so powerful, that it activates the supernatural in your life- plus makes Satan flee!
  • Navigating through God’s vision in your life. It truly is all about timing!

Are you ready to have your life changed in new and exciting ways? Well, March 2021 has just arrived! Read YOUR FREE copy below:

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