Family life can be changed in an instant when one of its members is diagnosed with a disability.  When confronted with someone with a disability in one’s family, it is normal for family members to have questions in terms of your role, and the unique needs for support.
 Real Families, Real Needs by Joni and Friends and Focus on the Family doesn’t just answer these questions, but provides godly advice and spiritual hope for the challenges that families may face.  The book is divided into five sections written specifically for each member of the family, and offers words of encouragement, scripture to take comfort in, practical ideas, and more.
Real Families, Real Needs examines how a father can exhibit courage in surrendering his family to God as life changes, and how a mom can find comfort in her child’s diagnosis.  It provides insight into the different reality of siblings, and the role of extended family in terms of support.
Readers can learn from similar stories, and be inspired by their testimony.  Readers are sure to find comfort and peace within a community that understands the daily challenges, and have walked them out themselves.
“Joni and Friends’ new book, Real Families, Real Needs, is an amazing source of strength, wisdom, and encouragement for families living with disability.”
– Kirk Cameron
 Faith Filled Family interviewed Steve Bundy, the senior Vice President of Joni and Friends, who also co-wrote the book.  In our interview, Steve discusses the motivation behind writing the book, the purpose, and warmly shares about his own life with a child who has disabilities.  This interview will warm and encourage you.  It will also give you hope- especially if the diagnosis has been recent- that God has given you everything you need to handle the situation.
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