Fears About ISIS Mount over Refugees in the United States

Nations around the world are under attack. ISIS has become a growing part within the society, that very few of us want to be present. Those who do want them, seem to have a message. That message is pure evil. The threats began from Osama Bin Laden years ago, when Iraq sent a message. The United States did not take it seriously. The fallout was devastating. Since then our country has been a bit more proactive when it comes to terrorism. Others though, the more peaceful countries like France, who are anti-weapon, and their people do not carry, fell victim to their brutal attack, on November 14th 2015.

The peace-keeping people fell victim to the message, which was received back in July. Apparently, this country, like the US, also disregarded the threat as idle; and the physical and emotional damage to the people, the country and the United Nations, has shown us all; there are no idle threats. ISIS must be stopped. So where do we find them? How do we take care of them? ISIS calls on Muslims in France to “ignite and kill soldiers and tyrants. The President of France, Francois Hollande claims his country is at war, since the invasion of the three teams of ISIS suicide bombers, hit six locations, wielding guns. His military advised this is true, as they pounded ISIS targets in Syria with airstrikes. Russia, after learning ISIS was responsible for a bomb bringing a plane down, also launched airstrikes and cruise missiles there. It appears, ISIS wanted attention, and they are getting it.

President Obama is firmly against the ground entry in the fight against ISIS. He seems as if he is still naïve to the effects of ISIS. Obama still makes claim ISIS is contained. At a recent conference, Obama stated, “We have been fully aware of the potential capabilities of them carrying out a terrorist attack.” “That’s precisely why we have been mounting a very aggressive strategy to go after them.” However, even the terrorists say they will not only invade the United States, but they will strike Washington DC. Threats in the past were to enter the White House, and take Obama’s life, in the same heinous way they have others. With this much confidence, the American people are still concerned Washington is underestimating ISIS way too much. Even after a 12-minute tape including footage of the Paris massacre, Islamic State terrorists vow that countries taking part in airstrikes against Syria will suffer the same fate as Paris and warns it will attack Washington D.C. “We swear that we will strike America at its center in Washington,” they vowed.”  “The group also threatens that ISIS is coming to Europe with “booby traps and explosives.”

Planes have been diverted today with bomb threats.    The United States is now being flooded with Syrian refugees, as President Obama feels he can keep the United States safe. The problem is the people in the United States do not feel he is being objective enough to keep them safe. After the attacks in Paris, concerns have continued to grow, more so than before over the Syrian refugees. In fact, an increasing number of states are refusing to accept the refugees. The new concerns were brought in front of Obama at the G20 Summit press conference in which he defended the majority of Muslims, saying “ISIL does not represent Islam.

It is not representative in any way to the attitudes of the overwhelming majority of Muslims to the degree that anyone would equate the terrible acts in Paris to the views of Islam, those kinds of stereotypes are counterproductive, they’re wrong.” (Wishon, 2015) With this defense for the Muslim community, and the threats coming from a branch called ISIS; which is an extension of the community, Americans are beginning to get concerned the President is not concerned about the states as a “whole”, or should I say, the “United” States.

This man, did nothing for his faith. He did not feed it; instead, he tucked it away, and he did nothing.


I can still remember, many years ago, when my Grandfather Earl passed on. He was my world. I spent every day, and all day with him and my Grandmother Nolia. They lived next door, and I was with them every day, and all day on Sunday for church services. I never realized as a child how much people looked up to him, or respected him as a person, until he passed on. Her either, but I had her with me on into my adult life. I was 12 years old when I lost him. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I also remember my grandmother sitting and talking with people, and being there for everyone. She comforted all, and remained strong.

 I came to learn through her that day, about faith. I began exercising my faith, but the memory of the fear that day; the loss I felt, and the hurt deep inside, never left me. I suppose it stayed with me, so I would remember how others feel without it. In today’s time, many others. We are a people, in America, and we need each other. We all need to pray, to believe and to have faith. In the Second Book of Corinthians, Chapter 7, Verse 14, the Bible says ~

“If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  

As a people, we need to learn from the people around us. No one is doing better, because they have more faith than you. We all have what we need, it is just a matter of using it, toning and strengthening it, and believing with our hearts what our Father has said. Let those words rise up in your heart, and let it be the smile that resonates on you when others see you. Keep a positive attitude about faith. Remember that you have faith and that you can cause it to grow. I have often heard, when you strengthen your faith, it can move mountains!


Our most gracious and heavenly Father, I praise you Lord, for hearing me,

I praise you Lord for my faith, which you have instilled in me,

And Lord I praise you for loving and believing in me.

Father, I ask you to hear the pleas of the people today.

Paris cries out Lord.

America cries out Lord.

The people around the world have all lost friends and family, Lord, and they need

 Your comfort through this grieving.

Heal our nation Lord, but most of all, Lord, I ask from my heart to awaken these

Leaders. We have been targets of attacks before, and we are threatened once

again. I ask for your grace Lord and I ask for your wisdom. I feel your presence and I

pray you will take away the darkness that looms over us. I pray you surround us with

light and love, and you grant us with a justly leader who will guide us in peace, and be

with us in prayer – prayer that can move mountains.


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