What began as a flickering thought while raising her young family has now become a reality for singer, Rebecca St. James. While raising her kids, who were then 6, 2, and another on the way, Rebecca’s thoughts turned to how she could encourage new moms. She flitted with the idea of “Mommy Minutes” which be comprised of soundbites to share her wisdom and stories with other mothers out there. This podcast would create a comforting atmosphere that they were not alone in their journey.

“It’s challenging sometimes. I felt like a lot of other moms are probably going through similar things and need some encouragement or to feel like they’re not alone in the journey,” Rebecca commented. “So, I thought, “Well, what about a mommy minute podcast where I could create a little soundbite for Christian radio like K-Love where I could just share a little bit about my story about being a mom, give scriptures, and be an encouragement to other moms out there?”

Rebecca St. James
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Munn via 130 Media

The thought quickly spiralled into a reality as the contemporary Christian music radio giant, Educational Media Foundation, launched AccessMore podcast platform. The focus of the platform was to stream a growing library of faith-based podcasts designed to inform and inspire listeners.

Rebecca’s “Mommy Minutes” quickly became, “Rebecca St. James Family and Friends” wherein she discusses faith, parenting, relationships and more.

Who is Rebecca St. James?

Rebecca St. James is an Australian singer who signed her first record deal at sixteen. She’s the oldest of seven children. She is also the sister to Joel and Luke Smallbone from the Christian band, For King and Country.

Rebecca experienced fame at a very young age in the Christian music industry. She has won multiple Dove and Grammy Awards.

In our interview, readers may see a different side of the award-winning singer. Rebecca discusses a monumental decision she made as to whether to be a vocalist, or to pursue post-secondary education. The outcome, and her strength will inspire readers as she takes you through a road less traveled by most people.

Even though she could say that it was easy, Rebecca gives readers an honest glimpse into her life. She shares what she has learned along with way from being a young singer, to how her life morphed when getting married, to having children of her own.

Readers will appreciate her candor, honesty, and wisdom throughout this interview as she takes you on her journey.

Rebecca St. James Family and Friends can be found here on AccessMore. Her interview with Faith Filled Family will run in our July 2020 issue on June 26, 2020.

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