Know When to Pray for Reconciliation and Know When God Says to Walk Away

No one ever goes into a marriage believing that it will end in divorce.  We are always optimistic that the odds will be in our favor.  Yet sometimes, for whatever reason, one person decides that they don’t want to be married anymore.  Usually, they have thought about it for quite some time, and given their spouse “clues” of what’s wrong.  Eventually, they just simply give up hope and decide that things can’t be worked out.  Sometimes, they just don’t want things to work anymore.  They just gave up.
The remaining spouse goes through a myriad of emotions when the other decides to leave.  They haven’t had time to process what is going on.  Most of the time, people report that they were unaware there was even a problem.  So, now what?
If you are a Christian, you know that God frowns on divorce- He wants the family unit to be strong.  Yet there are often factors that we cannot control such as the emotions of the other person.  While most of us want to be reconciled with our spouse and maintain the family unit, this may be a long process with a person who has a hardened heart.  Then the question becomes, “Can God soften their heart?”
While God can do anything, He did give us a free will, and, let’s face it, we can be downright stubborn!  What do you do when reconciliation seems like an impossibility?  Will God bring someone else into your life?
Our next issue will discuss whether a marriage can be salvaged (reconciled) and what steps to take to place the couple on the right path.  We will also discuss what to do in situations wherein restoration seems impossible.  The person just no longer wants the marriage.  We will also discuss how to differentiate when restoration is possible, and work through situations wherein the person needs to let go.
While God hates divorce, He will not make us do something against our will either.  We have the power to make our own choices.  He will also not want your life put on hold indefinitely either- He wants to bless you and restore what has been destroyed.
Learn how to heal either yourself or strengthen your marriage in our next issue coming out July 26th.  God wants only the best for you.

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