Christafari began in 1989 by Pastor Mark Mohr who strayed from his Christian upbringing to a life of drugs and alcohol.  After leaving home, living on the streets, and hitting bottom, he experienced an encounter with God that changed his life.  Only two weeks later, Christafari emerged from a camp talent show when a friend commented, “So you are not a Rastafarian anymore, you are a Christafarian”.  Subsequently, the name stuck!

Christafari may sound like a cool play on words, but in Biblical Greek it means a group of people who bear or represent the name of Christ.  Mohr, at the advice of others, decided to go to Bible College so he could learn more about theology and become doctrinally sound.  He began attending BIOLA University and took courses with a special emphasis on pastoral studies and missions.  During those years, Christafari began to take shape as he began to write songs for the bands first three albums.

After recording two albums under Gotee Records under TobyMac, Mohr founded his own companies called, “Lion of Zion Entertainment” which focused on reaching the world through world music.

Christafari has performed in 46 tates, 74 nations, and at two Olympic Games.  They have performed at L.A.’s Greek Theater, Dodger Stadium, and on the steps of the United States Capitol before half a million people.

Interestingly, the band never wanted to be missionaries, or to take on that role. “The funny thing is that one of my first prayers to the Lord after coming to Christ was, ‘Please don’t make me a missionary in the jungle in some Third World country,’” recalls Mohr.  Today, he thanks God for not answering that prayer.  After visiting locations such as Africa, Central and South America and several remote islands, it was made clear that God wanted them to invest their talents as full time musical missionaries.  Their goal is to travel throughout the earth to preach the gospel through music.

Their decision was worth it, as in 2016-2017 they saw over 231,000 people come to Christ.

“CHRISTAFARI’s mission is simple,” says Mohr. “To go to the ends of the earth until all have heard, and until all have heard we’re not quitting.”

Faith Filled Family Magazine interviewed Christafari for our August issue wherein they discussed their album, “Original Love” which was released back in April, and their own passion for Christ.  What will be next for Christafari?

Christafari’s interview will appear in our August issue which will be released on July 26, 2018.

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