Reinhard Bonnke recently announced that he will return to Nigeria for his final African Gospel Crusade in November 2017.
This will not be CfaN’s final African crusade as they are hoping that Bonnke’s return will inspire another widespread global attendance similar to the Lagos, Nigeria Millenium Crusade in 2000 which was the largest to-date.
During the 2000 crusade, over five nights there were 6 million people who attended, and 3.4 million people gave their lives to Christ.  In November 2017, CfaN hopes that much more will give their lives in response to Bonne’s farewell message.

One of the highlights of the November crusade will be during the day sessions.  A “passing the burning torch” conference is planned for leaders and church workers.  Bonnke is anticipating thousands of pastors and evangelists will be attending globally and be inspired by the message.
CfaN’s African Director, John Darku, commented, “This crusade will be like none we have seen before. Currently, we plan to recruit 500,000 counselors, 200,000 intercessors, a choir of over 23,000 and a security force of over 10,000. There is great excitement from all the churches in the country, and we are expecting a spectacular harvest of people coming to Christ.”

CfaN will release information in the upcoming months for those who are traveling.
Daniel Kolenda, who is the lead evangelist for CfaN and Bonnke’s successor, emotionally commented,  “I’m thrilled to join with Reinhard in this vision, and know that the results of this crusade will be farther-­reaching and of even greater consequence than we can even imagine.”
“The Lord spoke to me, that I should go back for one more crusade in Africa. I want not only to see a gigantic harvest of souls, but TO PASS MY BURNING TORCH to this generation. Recently, I traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to meet with the spiritual leadership there and they gave their unanimous support. I believe God is going to do something I have never seen before.” Bonnke shares.

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