Relatively Speaking Column: Real Families Practicing Real Faith

Faith Filled Family Magazine announces new column by author, Amberly Neese

Are you looking for stories/situations that you can relate to? Sometimes posts can seem too lofty regarding families living out their faith. The situations or responses seem contrived- not real- and therefore, not relatable. Now, you don’t want to become depressed reading it. You want to feel encouraged and strengthened at the end. However, some posts either focus too much on the negative or make the victory sound impossible. This gives readers a “great for you, but I don’t think that I can do that” feeling.

Amberly Neese

Faith Filled Family Magazine is proud to announce a new column to our website entitled, “Relatively Speaking”, by Amberly Neese. Amberly has recently written the book, “The Belonging Project: Finding Your Tribe and Learning to Thrive”. Amberly describes herself as “an encourager dedicated to helping you become the joyful person you are created to be.”

And Amberly does just that!

What Is Relatively Speaking all about?

“Relatively Speaking” depicts real stories of a real family doing their best to practice real faith.

 “I am a storyteller and desire to point others to the joy and hope of Jesus through stories, candor, humor, and biblical truths,” Neese comments.

In addition to writing, Amberly is a popular speaker/teacher, comedian, and encourager. She helps readers experience the freedom attained in a meaningful relationship with God and others.

Amberly Neese is a popular speaker/teacher, comedian, author, and all-around encourager dedicated to helping you become the joyful person you were created to be.

Amberly is a featured speaker for the Aspire Women’s Events and the main host and female comedian for Marriage Date Night, two popular Christian events that tour nationally.

“Relatively Speaking” will appear on the Faith Filled Family website tomorrow with “One Anothering One Another- Is Living In Peace Possible?”


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