Rend Collective releases new album Campfire II Simplicity

Rend Collective is a group of Irish musicians who enjoy pushing the limits of music. They have shared the stage with artists like Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman. Their latest collection of songs reflect joy, which is a part of their style. These artists blur music genres to create songs to inspire and persuade their listeners to worship the Lord. Rend Collective combines folk music and modern worship. Their new album ‘Campfire II Simplicity’ is a great addition to the Rend Collective collection for fans.
This Little Light of Mine: The album opens with a classic song setting the tone for the album. As the album is about shining Christ in simplicity. This song brought back memories of childhood campfire songs for me.
Free As A Bird: This song speaks about the Christian’s freedom offered in Christ. It reminds us that Christ’s love has broken every chain. The celebratory beat is great for clapping and dancing too! I am free is a wonderful truth often forgotten. This song paints a picture of what freedom feels like to the follower of Christ.
Live Alive: The combination of banjo and fiddle make a foot tapping melody. “I want to live alive. I don’t want to live a lie…You make me alive!” are some of the lyrics to the song which speaks about the purpose of walking through life’s hardship but still being alive in Christ which should make the Christian hopeful that they are no longer dead in sin but alive to God.
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail): This is a hand clapping rendition of the popular song by Hillsong United. The lyrics talk of God’s unfailing love even when hardships arise. The Christian can rest in the embrace of Christ and find peace. Rend Collective did a good job combining the lyrics with a folk style beat and great harmony.
Every Giant Will Fall: Starting with bagpipes this song points to a day in the future when the Christian will be free from sin. When Christ returns the giants of sin will fall. It reminds us to look forward to that day when victory will be completed since Christ already won. “Every Giant will fall… Every chain of the past You have broken into… And nothing is impossible with You.”
My Lighthouse: “Your great love will lead me through. You are the peace in my troubled sea.” Are a part of the lyrics to the song reminding us that like a Lighthouse God’s love guides us to safety. It is a slower song with more harmonizing of voices.
Whatever Comes: The slow melodious tune of this song helps with reflection. It speaks of being firmly grounded in the Word so the Christian will remain loyal to the Lord throughout the storms of life which grow us to be like Christ. It is a prayer for the Lord to continue to be the Christian’s steadfast rock.
Joy of The Lord: The folk tune of this song combined with hearty lyrics make it joy filled. “The Joy of the Lord is my strength…in the shadows I will sing.” It is a great reminder of God as our shield and joy through troubling times. During times of struggle is when true joy comes from the Lord who strengthens the believer. The song reminds the listener of where true joy and hope are found.
Your Royal Blood: The blood of Christ is powerful. This song reflects on it as being precious and royal. It is the only thing that saves and it will never lose the power it possesses. The tune is a little slower than the others on the album but adds trumpet into the strong melody. I enjoyed this piece a great deal because I had never thought of Christ’s blood as royal even though He is the King of Kings!
Simplicity: “Come with simplicity…to worship You in spirit and truth,” are some of the rich lyrics to this slower song. “You are the reason I sing.” This song is a reflection of simple worship before the Lord because of what He has done on the cross. John 4:24 talks of worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. This song seems to reflect on the Scripture passage.
More Than Conquerors:  This song begins with a banjo solo! The lyrics of the song are a reflection about lifting our eyes to the throne. The song seems to be inspired by Romans 8:37, “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” It is a hope filled song reminding the listener that Christ has overcome, therefore, we are conquerors even through the trials and pain.
You Will Never Run: This song is a perfect ending to the album. It speaks about the staying power of God. “You forever shine…You are by my side.” The melody is a joyful beat to inspire praise. It encourages the listener to be reminded of the promises of God in Hebrews 13:6 of God never leaving or forsaking His children.
Positives: This is my first time listening to Rend Collective. I greatly enjoyed it because of the combination of Celtic, Modern Christian worship and folk music. The artists combined a hearty beat with truths about the Lord and living the Christian life. The depth of some of the song lyrics made me reflect on my walk with the Lord. I appreciate songs encourage me to worship the Lord with everything I am and cause me to think more about who God has revealed Himself to be. Rend Collective did a good job bringing life to the melody and lyrics of their songs to cause their audience to reflect on God.
Negatives: I was pleasantly surprised by the music of Rend Collective since it was my first time listening to a recording, however, if you do not like folk music, whose lyrics tell stories, or listening to banjo solos then I wouldn’t recommend this album to you.
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