Republicans Seek Alternatives Regarding Affordable Care Act

As Republicans continue to lobby for alternatives to The Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care.

Would we be better off with a single-payer healthcare system? Even before Obama Care this was great debate. What is a single-payer plan? That is where the government pays for all of our health care expenses.

The Physicians for National Health Program wants a national health insurance program. The doctors would continue with private practice and would not be government employees. The government has a couple of choices: to raise taxes to fund a single-payer program or contain costs through rationing healthcare services. Either way the patient will lose out. We are going to continue to pay high prices for healthcare or reimbursements and payments that the government makes to the physicians are capped or limited. The quality will take a huge hit.

Americans have stated that health care premiums have increased in the past years and most Americans are disappointed in the Affordable Care Act.

Our two cents:

I can relate to the disappointment in the healthcare system. I thought how nice it would be for all to be able to afford healthcare, not to have to choose between groceries and a office Visit.

My insurance rates more than doubled. I sure hope something can be worked out that is helpful and beneficial.

Psalm 112:5
It is well with the man who deals generously and lends, who conducts his affairs with justice.

Our prayer:

Our heavenly father,

Our country needs your guidance and protection. People have great needs and are hurting physically and financially, Lord we lift our country, the lost and the hurting in our prayers. In Jesus name we pray.

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Republicans Seek Alternatives Regarding Affordable Care Act

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