Peace in the home…   It isn’t just a nice thought, but can be a reality according to Scripture.
But I have children, and they are constantly fighting, you say?

Why Does It Seem Like They Are They Always Fighting?

Squabbling between siblings can occur for several reasons:

  1. Personality Conflicts: God doesn’t create two people the same.  He didn’t create your children with the same temperament, and sometimes clashes do occur.
  2. Child Acting Out/Being Moody:  In this case, there may be an underlying issue that your child is dealing with that they feel that they can’t talk to you about yet.  It usually manifests in moody behavior and fighting with their siblings.  It is more of a silent cry for help, and can indicate that they are dealing with something that either makes them feel insecure, or are frightened.
  3.  Demonic:  We cannot deny demonic forces in our homes.  This can manifest through inappropriate video games, television, or anything that influences your child.  What a parent will notice is a very sudden shift in their child’s behavior, and the child sincerely doesn’t know why they feel the way they do.  In the spirit realm, there is an evil spirit oppressing them causing them to behave the way they do.  This is why parents are urged to be proactive in what their children are exposed to as you may be dealing with a demonic force.

So How Do I Fix It?  What Is The Good News?

All three cases are fixable, as nothing is impossible for God.  You will need to:

  1. Pray and seek God as to what the cause is.
  2. Determine the root cause of the problem: Is it a personality conflict, acting out, or demonic entity disrupting the harmony of the home.
  3. Read our November Issue for techniques to use to overcome the various sources of fighting between children, and for scriptures that you can use to overcome this situation.

Our November issue comes out on November 28, 2016 and will provide you with all the tools you need for a peaceful home environment.
A peaceful home can be yours!

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