Marriage Restoration For the Emotionally Distant Possible As Nothing is Impossible With Christ!

The most challenging thing to overcome in a marriage is when your spouse has distanced themselves emotionally.
This type of marriage is usually deeply scarred by hurt.  The unresolved anger is still there, but the couple has managed to live peacefully by avoiding or becoming emotionally distant from each other.  It rids the relationship of volitility, but the underlying issues still exist.  The “elephant in the room” never gets discussed which means no arguments, but nothing gets resolved either.
Couples who have emotionally distanced themselves make excuses not to be together.  They delve into their work, charitable events, children’s events, etc because it’s better than the uncomfortable silence at home.
Worse yet is when one spouse has distanced themselves emotionally and the other wants to work it out.  One is burying emotional pain while the other feels the sting of rejection.  The lack of intimacy on all levels becomes painful, and the heart begins to ache before giving up hope for reconciliation altogether.
If you have a spouse who is emotionally distant, hope has not been lost.  They are still there, and haven’t left, so the marriage hasn’t ended- it can still be turned around.  However, that “elephant in the room” needs to be dealt with and resolved.  Otherwise it will still be a looming issue in the background.
Our February issue will discuss how to get your marriage back on track, and how to restore your marriage.  We will discuss how to effectively resolve past hurts, and move forward scripturally.
Our next issue will be released on January 26, 2017.

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