As Easter is quickly approaching,  Faith Filled Family wanted to look at the importance of the resurrection of Christ as it is a topic that many of us either take for granted, or are unsure of the full significance of the event itself.

Why is the Resurrection so Important?

Christ’s resurrection isn’t just about Jesus dying on the cross, being raised from the dead, ascending into Heaven, and being our salvation.  That is just a basic understanding behind the meaning.  First, you have the prophesy of Christ’s birth and resurrection foretold throughout the Old Testament.  Second, you have the miracle of His birth.  Third, you have this death on the cross which isn’t just the fulfillment of prophesy and salvation, but worth so much more.

First, Jesus’ death is an example of the depths of our Father’s love for us.  Most parents can identify with what an extreme sacrifice it would be to sacrifice your children upon the cross to save many.  Not only that, but to witness sin placed upon someone who was sinless and didn’t deserve the punishment He received… so that we could be made righteous.  We who don’t deserve it.

Fourth, Jesus took back the keys to the Kingdom so that we would have to contend with sickness, disease, poverty, etc.  Furthermore, Jesus gave us His name, which has power and authority, to do miracles in our lives, and in the lives of others.  The name of Jesus also casts out demons, and renders Satan helpless.  Satan was stripped of all power by Christ’s resurrection, and we were reconciled to God so that we could have an intimate relationship with Him.

This Is Why We Should Be Grateful For The Resurrection

resurrectionIt should mean something to each believer on a deep level.  Easter should be a time when we should reflect on the importance of what Christ means in our lives, and to appreciate that He was God’s ultimate sacrifice.  Easter isn’t about the “Easter Bunny”, chocolates, gifts for the kids, and family dinner, but a celebration of the great gift that Christ gave to us.

When was the last time that you thanked God for His ultimate sacrifice to you?  When was the last time you thought about it?

Our next issue discusses why Christ’s death and resurrection was so important.  We will also delve into the significance to the believer which includes how to take authority over powers and principalities, how Jesus defeated death (what does that mean?), the anointing and how to tell when the Spirit is moving, healing, and common questions about Heaven, sin, and salvation.

We also have stellar interviews lined up, as well!

Our next issue is released on March 26, 2018!

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