It is always exciting for a believer when God reveals something to them.  It may be over your future, things that you need to work on, ideas, inventions, or guidance from our Creator.  It is exciting because it means that you are hearing from God- you can hear His voice- and that He is speaking with you directly.

However, do you know what to do when God reveals something to you about someone else?  The good is easy to handle, but what about the not so good?

It is easy, in our enthusiasm, to tell someone about a positive revelation, prophesy, word of knowledge, etc.  However, should you?  And what about when God reveals something to you that is bad about someone?  Do you confront them, and how?

In everything that God reveals to you, you need to ask Him what to do with the information.  Do you reveal it, lift it up in prayer, or wait?

You see, God will reveal things to you with a purpose in mind.  It may be for you to pray over the person because they may not be able to , receive what you have to say, or they need someone to intercede.  It may be to encourage someone or to give them direction.  Also, it may be a warning.

Peggy Bodde discusses why God reveals things to us about others, and what to do in every situation.  She discusses seeking God when He reveals things to you for guidance.  She will also contrast divine revelation with a word of wisdom and what to do in each case.

Take your faith and your prayer walk to the next level in our next issue entitled, “Living In Christ” coming out March 27th.

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