Legacy Five: Great Day

By Andrew Brunet

Legacy Five  had their official debut in January 2010. Audiences were immediately drawn to their four-part harmony and their ability to effectively communicate the message of Christ.

Each year, Legacy Five are recognized as one of Gospel music’s favorite group. The Southern Gospel Music Association honored Legacy Five with Recording of the Year, and they have had 2 Dove Award Nominations.

How many of you can agree that what music you listen too can change the mood of your day? That’s how it is with Legacy Five and their album called Great Day.  The songs that are fast lead you to clap your hands, stomp your feet and praise the Lord! The slower ones draw you into the presence of the Lord and thank him for what he’s doing and what he’s done in your life.
My favorite song on this current album is “What A Happy Day!”. This song is up tempo, but helps you to remember to praise God and remember him at all times. I really like the song at the end when they mix all of the old camp meeting choruses into a melody. It makes you want to praise God thinking about the days we will see when Jesus Christ when we enter into his kingdom.

Producer: Lari Goss
Manufacturer: Daywind Records
Group Members: Scott Fowler, Matt Fouch, Trey Ivey, Gus Gaches, Scott Howard