Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko
Genre: Christian Pop infused with Rock

This self-title album sung by sisters Lauren and Brooke DeLeary released just this year. This is the second album the sisters have produced together, their first one was under the name “The DeLearys”.
Both Brooke and Lauren have incredible voices with great range. Vocally, they compliment each other so well that at times it sounds as if just one person is singing. When they sing, it sounds like they are just feeding off of each other’s energy and praising the Lord in beautiful harmony. It is a sound that many artists work hard to achieve.
The lyrics are so real, raw, and impactful. Some songs make it sound like they are singing a message directly to an individual. They feel every note of their music, and put everything they have into it.

Sold Out: Sold Out is a song about being “sold out” for Jesus. It discusses what being sold out of God is all about: a love that blazes so bright that it cannot be contained, praising God with our voices, boldly telling people about Jesus, and about being led by the Spirit. Musically, it has a pop sound to it with a hint of rock. Very catchy.

Overtake Me: Overtake Me teaches that we should give ourselves over completely to God and let Him mold us into His image. The lyrics talk openly about things that can take us away from God: distractions, pride, doing things on our own strength (God doesn’t get the glory), living for one’s self, and being self-involved. It says that we should allow God to mold us and change us to the point where it’s all about Him, and not about us. It is about following Him wherever He leads, and seeing a generation impacting the world for Him. This song has a heavy base beat with a playful guitar accompaniment. What sounds like a violin creates a strong impact at the chorus, and adds an interesting touch. The rap at the end is a very cute ending to the song.

War Cry: Indeed a song that cries out in a spiritual battle and the lyrics beautifully depicts that battle in the believer’s mind. It goes through what happens in the believer’s mind when you’ve been engaged in a battle for so long that you long- heart and soul- to achieve that victory. It depicts someone who is tired from being in battle- but not defeated, and a person who is crying out so hard wondering if God is there. Then, the lyrics go into battle. They ask God for strength, take captive all ungodly thoughts, and rooting out sin in order to obtain victory (win the battle). It is sung very confidently and with conviction. This song showcases great range in the singer, and has a synth sound to the chorus.

Living Out Loud: Lyrically, Living Out Loud is about being bold in our faith- something that every believer has struggled with at some point in their walk. It is about trusting that God has a plan for your future- even when you can’t see it. God will guide your steps if you let Him, and you can make a great impact in this world. The opening is sung with a soft confidence. At the chorus, the two sisters come in perfect harmony and sing boldly.

Through Your Eyes: This song is great for those who are struggling with image. It is a softly sung ballad which becomes more powerful as the song progresses adding to the feeling of the song. It is sung with conviction. It asks for God to reveal the way that He sees us. Once we know how God views us, and what He has created us for, our self-perception begins to shift from self-doubt to confidence. We should always let God define us; not our reflection or other’s opinions. In the end, the only opinion that matters, is His.

Puzzle Piece: Puzzle Piece describes the emptiness of a life without Him. We pursue many things thinking that they will make us happy, or add meaning to our existence when the only one that can fill a missing void is God. Then the song depicts the journey, and that all you need is God.

I Love You More: Depicts the depth of love that we have for Christ. It says that love (relational love) changes over time with experiences, and can sometimes fade. However, the love that we have for Christ is vibrant and expansive. The depth of His love is more than we can fathom, and so should our love be for Him. The song has a very eighties feel to it, and reminded me (because of the key) of the Blonde song “Call Me”. Just at the beginning, though. Lauren and Brooke’s vocals compliment each other throughout the song, and sound amazing together!

Loud Generation: Loud Generation is about mobilizing God’s army to make an impact for the kingdom. It is about taking action, being bold, and being loud. It has a very pop/dance sound to it. The middle of the song goes into a cheer which makes the listener begin to praise the Lord and takes the song up a notch making it even more impactful. It engages the listener and draws them into the song.

Rave: Is about testifying of God’s goodness and living a life honoring to Christ so that we may be examples of His goodness in our lives. Rave is more of a rock sounding song, and, again shows off both Brooke and Lauren’s amazing range. They have an incredible ability to sing and harmonize so intricately with each other that at times they almost sound like one singer. Their vocals, while somewhat different from each other in range, are perfectly complimentary.

Numb: Numb depicts a life that has been so emotionally beaten down that there is a ceasing of feeling. It is a feeling of being wrapped up in darkness just sinking and not being able to hold on. It talks about letting Jesus in because He is the light at the end of a dark tunnel that can lead you back to a life of joy instead of despair. He will give you what you need when you feel like you just can’t hold on. The beginning opens with the soft playing of a guitar and sweet vocals. You get a tumultuous feel of emotions as it heads into the chorus and goes into a heavier rock sound. Another song sung with conviction as if the vocalists were talking to someone specifically with a message for them.

When Forgiveness Wins: This is a beautiful song about letting go of bitterness and about the freedom of forgiveness. Often we feel justified in our anger at being mistreated, or when bad things happen. However, hold on to it doesn’t make things better, nor does it get revenge. All it does is make us angry, bitter, and in bondage to our emotions. It discusses the freedom that comes when we forgive.

Wanna Be: Wanna Be is about being real. The lyrics depict what sometimes happens in our lives: our prayers become something we say devoid of heartfelt meaning, becoming more self-involved without realizing it, and going through the motions without emotion. It is about a “false face” without any realness behind it. This song is about being purposeful, and about being real. It is about living with meaning, and meaning what you do. This is the perfect song to end an album on. The music is catchy with a pop feel and stays in your head. It is a song that you will be singing throughout your day.

This album is perfect, and a must have for your collection. The lyrics speak to you about God’s goodness, and how to walk in victory. They lift you up and give you hope. The sound is nothing short of spectacular, and I enjoyed listening to the entire album. The pop/rock sound is perfectly done so that neither genre competes with each other, but compliments. Very well done, and I look forward to hearing many more albums to come!

I would like to personally thank Lauren and Brooke for sending us a copy of their CD.

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