#RevivalNow…. It began with a prophetic vision into the spiritual apathy that exists not just in one person’s city, but everywhere across the globe.  Will you be the one to initiate the change?

In the dream, she was riding a bus along her city’s main street.  Instead of traffic going in both directions, as is common on most streets, all six lanes were going only in one direction.  Everything was grey- absolutely void of colour.  The people around here were motionless.  All they did, throughout the ride, was stare straight ahead, blinking, absolutely still.  There was no chatter, no conversations, and no animation as the bus drove on down its route.

#revivalnowThe only conversation to be heard was once the bus stopped.  The back entrance light was on notifying people that it could not be used- people had to exit from the front.  Assuming that another bus would soon be dispatched to replace this one, she waited patiently.  This time, there was chatter, but it was coming from the bus driver and media that was playing in the background discussing illness.

She got up, not wanting to listen to such a depressing topic, and exited the bus.  As she left, she noticed that everyone around her was listless.  They were completely void of life, yet they were living.  They walked about, but there was no joy.  She decided, in the dream, that since she was there anyway, she would go down the trail to a bridge since it was reputed to be very beautiful.  Again, all she saw was grey- there was none of the beauty that exists when observing God’s creation.  People walked up and down the trail with no animation, no joy, no hope, and no Jesus.

This is what her city had become.

These lifeless souls that wandered back and forth are the people who do not know Jesus.  Their life is empty- it has no real meaning.  They aren’t really living.  Many of them are going through life looking for that void that will bring them joy… Something that will fill the emptiness.  But they find nothing.  These are the lost souls.  The question is, what are we doing about it?

Should these souls remain lost forever?  That’s not God’s desire who knows His children by name.  It isn’t His desire that any should perish.  But He needs the ones- like you- who know the truth of His goodness to pray, and, when lead, to be a witness of His goodness to someone else.  God called you- at one point- to give your life.  Do you remember your salvation and how good it felt to give your life?  Do you remember how He’s changed your life, your circumstance, and your situation?  Doesn’t someone else deserve that same opportunity to experience that kind of joy that comes with knowing Christ?

What Can You Do?  #RevivalNow!

We would like to spark the #revivalnow movement.  If Jesus is the Lord over your life, and your life has been changed by His love, grace and mercy, we ask that you begin praying over your city, town, state, province, country, and nation.  Pray that your government come to know Christ, and to make godly decisions for the benefit of all.  Pray that people come to know Jesus and their lives would be changed.  Pray against spiritual apathy that exists everywhere, and pray that God’s light would shine forth like a bright beacon against the darkness.

If God has been good to you, and you agree that everyone deserves a chance to know God, share this post with the hashtag #revivalnow.  Get others involved.  Join with us in praying  every day this week for a revival to be sparked across the globe.  Specific prayer requests can be sent to info@faithfilledfamily.com, and we will pray over each one of them.

Additionally, if you don’t know Jesus, but would like to.  If this post has touched you in any way, please feel free to give your life to God here.  Then let us know as we want to rejoice with you!

#Revivalnow begins…. right….now!  Will you be a part of it?

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