Hard to say… Many people think that the Book of Revelation is playing out right before our very eyes. With a pandemic killing millions of people globally, natural disasters, etc. it is easy to see why people would jump to this conclusion.

Yet, God said that we would not know when Jesus would come for a second time. He did say, however, that we should be prepared.

However, on the other side, pandemics are common. Historically, we’ve had the Black Plague, SARS, small pox, Antonine Plague, yellow fever plague, polio, Spanish flu, Asian flu, Ebola, and the Zika virus. All of these have had a huge death toll. Plagues and pandemics have occurred throughout history. In Jesus’ time, leprosy may have been considered a plague, not to mention the plagues unleashed on Egypt by Moses.

Same old or something new?


Others argue that plagues and pandemics are nothing new. Is society becoming more distant towards God? You can say that it is getting worse, but if you know your history, really it is just the status quo.

Blood moons and natural disasters? There can be plausible reasons as to why this is happening.

While we don’t know for sure what lies ahead, there is one common denominator: spreading God’s Word. In a pandemic, people need hope. And because many are suffering with death, destruction, loss of finances, sickness, etc. they need to hear the good news to rekindle their hope. They are receptive. They need encouragement. We need a revival.

Revivals usually come after a prolonged period of occult activity… at least that is what has happened in history. Revival usually comes on the heels of the destructiveness that the occult causes. People’s hearts are open to repent for their actions, something demonic happens, or a reason happens to draw them to God (death, sickness, etc)

What are we seeing now? Our December issue tackles that very question. Are we headed into a revival, or is Jesus really coming sooner than we think? Are we in end times? Moreover, no matter what is coming, how do we do as God has instructed: preaching his Word to the multitudes?

It is an issue filled with overwhelming debate on what lies ahead. We outline what to do to prepare for it, and how to help others come to Christ.

December 2020 is coming out on November 26, 2020. If you had missed our November issue, it can be found in the sidebar of this page.

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