Financial Evangelist Discusses How To Prosper In A Recession

Financially, issues may be insurmountable for many people- especially in the somewhat aftermath of COVID-19. However, African American author/Financial Planner, Ryan Mack says the principles found in the Bible can protect us during a recession.

Ryan Mack has created a devotional guidebook “Provisions for Abundance” which empowers readers to be part of the solution. He discusses how to manage God’s resources responsibly, setting realistic financial goals, fulfilling our special purpose, and giving back.

Ryan Mack

“A huge part of faith is the work you must do and that means preparing for times of lack by planning,” explains Mack. “Joseph talked about planning for times of recession in Genesis 41. Joseph predicted there would be seven good years followed by seven years of famine/recession (Genesis 41:25-32), and Joseph put together a plan to help save during the good times to prepare for a recession.”

Ryan Mack graduated from the University of Michigan Business School, and worked for the largest NASDAQ trading firm in the nation. Currently, Mack is working with Governor Cuomo’s faith-based leader, Karim Camara, to facilitate economic change in communities.

Provisions for Abundance is a year-long devotional equipped with powerful information guiding readers into fiscal abundance. Each day contains a tip for a plan of action for the reader along with a Christian-based thought for personal reflection.

By using scripture and daily action, Mack equips the reader to initiate a personalized plan to control their financial destiny. He provides advice on the following topics:

  • Financial planning through the lens of scriptures
  • Creating a budget in a volatile economy
  • Learning how to trust God with your financial success
  • Reflecting on your fiscal situation with reinforced confidence in God

Who is Ryan Mack?

Ryan Mack is known as the “Financial Evangelist”. He has worked as a stock trader, and later as a stock trader for the largest NASDAQ trading firm, Knight Securities.

His goals are to build and develop a durable financial empire designed to educate communities and beyond. Mack has been a keynote speaker to such prestigious organizations such as Harvard University, Columbia University, NAACP, National Urban League, NASA, National Black MBA Association, the National Basketball Association, Microsoft Corporation, HSBC, KPMG, Johnson and Johnson, Six Flags, and Deutsche Bank. 

Helen Murray was able to sit down with Ryan Mack and discuss not only his book in great depth but his views on financial stability and business. Readers will be blessed by the wealth of knowledge that he provides.

Ryan Mack’s interview can be found in our October issue being released on September 28, 2020.

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