The moment that we asked Jesus into our hearts it always etched in every believer’s memory. It is that precise second in time that we realized that we are nothing without Him, and need Him for everything. It is that same interdependency that scares many people. The surrendering of control in terms of salvation to a relatively “unknown force” that you cannot feel or necessarily see that causes uncertainty in many people. How do you know God exists if you cannot see or feel Him in the natural?

Yet those of us who are believers know that while you may not be able to see God visually, you can definitely feel His presence, and hear His voice through the Holy Spirit. There is a tangible way that we know that He is real. The miracles He performs, and His leadings are so undeniably Christ. The moment that most of us experience this is when we know that there is no going back.

But try to convince someone who is not saved to have the same unwavering faith. It isn’t always easy. Yet during this pandemic, people more than ever need hope- something to cling to. They are crying out for answers. Many are yearning for something greater than themselves. More don’t even know it yet.

However, as previously stated, there often is a fear regarding salvation. Some people just aren’t fully ready to accept Jesus into their hearts, and they don’t know how to verbalize it. Others may feel pressured, or want to conform to a mass alter call.

Then there are those who see someone who says they are saved, yet there is simply no fruit.

In all of these cases, the individual may have repeated the prayer of salvation… but did they mean it in their heart?

Salvation Said but Not meant? Is it possible?

It is possible that someone felt the pressure, said the prayer, but didn’t mean it in their heart. Others may cause us to question whether they truly are saved by their outward actions… After all, scripture tells us to judge people by their fruit.

So is it possible to say it, but not mean it? And if this is the case, is the person truly saved? Part of the prayer of salvation is to confess it with our mouths, and believe it in our hearts. But what if you don’t fully believe?

Margaret Armanious addresses this issue in our December issue on salvation. She discusses what happens when someone confesses Jesus is Lord, but doesn’t really mean it. Are they saved? What now?

She also talks about the importance of salvation, and why it is something you want to do today. She also tackles the myth that it is not enough to simply believe that Jesus exists to gain entry into eternity.

This topic and more can be found in our next issue coming out on November 26, 2020!

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