What prevents people from receiving God’s salvation?

We all know of someone who isn’t saved. It may be a co-worker, close friend, or family member. What prevents us from sharing the gospel with them? Do we just pray for them, or can we do more?


Our July 2019 issue challenged our readers to reach out to the lost and the far from God. We also went over how to bring someone back to God, how to lead someone to salvation, and we tackled common objections to receiving Christ.

But we didn’t stop there in regards to being saved…

We also addressed many common questions regarding salvation, such as:

  • Did I unknowingly commit the unpardonable sin/What is the unpardonable sin?
  • If someone says they are saved, but there is no evidence in their life of it, are they really saved?
  • Baptism blunders
  • Can we ever lose our salvation?
  • And many more…

Interviews include: Mark H. Maxwell (Networking Kills), Sharon Willis (Our Daily Bread), Laura Hackett-Park, and Pastor Joel Fitzpatrick (Just Between Us Guys).

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