“For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

The SAT-7 Academy will be launching a new 24/7 educational channel this summer aimed at displaced and impoverished children from Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa.  It is designed to help children learn internationally recognized values and addresses the concern of a lack of education in the region believed to be creating a “lost generation”.

SAT-7 Education and Development will be launching this new service.  It was organized in 2016 as part of SAT-7 International to leverage the broadcast experience and audience familiarity to advance educational and developmental opportunities.  This new channel will provide education for millions of displaced children due to the conflict in Syria and other nations.

Even in areas that are not experiencing political unrest, there are children who do not attend schools due to poverty or because of their gender (females).  The United Nations Development Program cites a lack of proper education is the factor holding back the Arab World.  One in five (over 21 million) Arabic-speaking children are at high risk for not being educated.  Meanwhile, 13 million are not attending school at all.

“We are talking about audience sizes in the millions,” SAT-7 Chief Executive Officer Dr. Terence Ascott says of the new channel. “But even if we were only able to impact the lives of a few thousand children, it would be worth it. One viewer can grow up to be a real instrument of change in their society. One of these children could even be the future president of his or her country.”

SAT-7 Academy seeks to transform young lives, to provide children with hope for their future, opportunities for employment or further study, and to positively transform the Middle East and North African regions.  Its purpose is to educate children in modern viewpoints and diffuse the appeal of radical organizations.

Many Syrian refugees are currently watching SAT-7 educational program entitled, “My School”, which is broadcast five days a week.  According to IPSOS, in 2016 1.3 million children watched the program daily or at least weekly in 10 Arab countries.


Rita Elmounayer, SAT-7’s deputy CEO, commented, “If we do not invest in education that teaches not only knowledge but tolerance, based on internationally recognized values, others will invest in teaching conflicting values.  We have seen the result of that — radicalism, extremism, and insurgency. We need to act now to prevent this generation from becoming truly ‘lost.'”

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