If All knees must bow to the name of Jesus, why won’t the attacks stop?

We are being pummelled with attack after attack to the point that we feel like we are worn out. Exhausted, battered and beaten, we wonder when the attacks from the enemy will cease… or is it possible that they will go on forever?

Be assured that every challenge has an expiration date. Yes, we do have the authority of Jesus, and yes, every knee shall bow down to the name of Jesus. Yet some of us are under the notion that you just rebuke the enemy and he will flee never to return. End of story. A life full of blissful happiness returned.

Yet, it’s far from the truth. If this were fully true, we wouldn’t face any trials or temptations in life. We could just cast out the Devil and be done with it. Yet, scripture tells us that we will go through trials, we will be persecuted for His sake, and we will be tested for our faith. It’s not a “get behind me, Satan” type of thing.


Think about it in this context, if all we ever had to do was rebuke the devourer and he would never return, how would God ever mold us to be more like Him? We would learn absolutely nothing, and never change. Also, what would happen if all we had to do was rebuke Satan and didn’t have to take responsibility for our own bad decisions? Would we ever learn godly behaviour?

The answer is, probably not. All we would learn is that God bails us out when we are in a difficult situation. We would learn to rely on God, and our faith would build, but God would become a crutch- an enabler, as it were.

If God wants only the best for us, then He cannot be our enabler. But this isn’t the only reason that attacks from the enemy can be relentless. There are many other reasons for Satan not to back off- even when we are grounded in our authority.

Promotion (higher ground), developing character, and refining are just some of the reasons that Satan may be after us.

So, Why Does God Allow It?

Kathy McBroom addresses this very question in our November issue. Why does God allow us to go through these attacks? And what do you do if you are worn-out from being pummelled by the enemy? Furthermore, the most important question is: Why are we going through this in the first place? What is it we are supposed to learn?

Kathy talks about what to do when we are not only attacked in one area, but multiple areas in our lives. She also gives you insight, hope, and the victory that will lead you to happiness.

If you’re ready to see your life changed, happiness restored, and go to that new level, then this is a feature that you don’t want to miss!

November issue will be coming out on October 28, 2019.

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