In the perfect place of Heaven where there is no sorrow, pain, or sin, how could an arch angel such as Lucifer wreak such havoc? How could pride exist amongst an arch-angel? Furthermore, are angels given free will, or are they servants of God created to do His bidding?


How Did Satan Fall From Heaven?

The keys to this are found in the following verses:

“How you are fallen from heaven, O  Lucifer,  son of the morning! 
How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! 13 For you have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven,  I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the  mount of the congregation  On the farthest sides of the north; 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,  I will be like the Most High.’ 15 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,  To the lowest depths of the Pit.

Isaiah 14:12-15

7 And war broke out in heaven:  Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, 8 but they  did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. 9 So  the great dragon was cast out,  that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan,  who deceives the whole world;  he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 

10 Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. 

11 “And  they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,  and they did not love their lives to the death. 12 “Therefore  rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them!  Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath,  because he knows that he has a short time.”

Revelation 12:7-12

Isaiah tells us that Satan’s main issue was that of pride. Pride existed in his heart when he desired to overthrow God’s throne, and basically, be God.

Revelation tells us that Satan was cast out along with the other angels who chose to rebel. It reveals that Satan’s desire is to deceive the whole world, and he was cast down into earth. It also warns those on earth that Satan will exhibit a great wrath- but his time on earth is short.

How Could Evil Exist In Heaven? Was Satan Created To Be Evil?

We know from scripture that 1 John 1:5 says, “that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” and James 1:13 reads, “God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one.” This tells us that there is no evil in God. God is perfect, and doesn’t tempt anyone.

However, Romans 8:28 says, “All things work together for good, for those who are called according to [God’s] purpose.” Romans uses the word, “all things” meaning that God can use both miracles and tragedies for His purpose.

We see this in Exodus, for example, where God hardens Pharaoh’s heart several times over. Because Pharaoh’s heart is hardened towards letting the Hebrews go, the kingdom and ultimately himself, suffers a series of tragedies.

But they also experience miracles, too. They request miracles from Moses continually with pleas, but they end up reneging on their promises. Life also becomes more difficult for the Hebrews who suffer in this “grudge match” of sorts, but through their suffering, they are eventually set free.

Each angel, as demonstrated by these scriptures, was given a free-will to worship God or not. God gave these same attribute to humans as well. He wanted us to choose whether or not to worship Him- not just simply obey.

We know that Satan was cast down to earth, and appeared to Eve in the Garden of Eden tempting her that if she ate the fruit from the tree of good and evil, she would become like God. Pride and curiosity were her ultimate downfall.

Satan wasn’t created to be evil, but he made a choice that introduced evil into the world. He chose to be prideful. He wasn’t content serving God, he wanted to be better than God- he wanted to be God.

God created him, as He did all of the angels in Heaven. Yet one of His own creations along with other angels, were conspiring to rebel against Him. God had no choice but to expel them from the kingdom.

Thus evil was introduced into the world by the deceiver.

Satan wasn’t created to be evil. It was his choice as to whether or not to allow pride into his heart. It was at the moment that thought permeated his heart that pride began to take root. Once it had germinated, pride began to govern Satan’s actions and behaviours.

Where did pride come from? Where did sin come from? No one really knows. Scripture doesn’t really tells us other than the assumption that, much like God, it has always existed. Satan was the first vessel that it found a home to reside in.

However, since Satan and his followers have been expelled, and Jesus died on the cross, we know that no sin exists in Heaven. We also know that in Revelation Satan will be held accountable and judged for his sins. He will then be cast down into a lake of fire and destroyed for all of eternity.

Evil was introduced by a choice. God wanted us to choose to obey Him, and Satan chose not to. Thus pride crept in leading to the birth of evil. It all points to that it was a matter of choice (free will). Satan made a poor choice.

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