Feelings of Abandonment Are Natural When You Are Battling A Storm- But Don’t Stay There!

Scripture tells us that we will face times of hills and valleys (times of prosperity and times of despair).  No where in scripture does it tell us that living a Christian life will be easy.  Scripture warns us that there will be times of persecution, challenges, and temptations.  However, it tells us that if we seek God and remain steadfast, we will see our breakthrough.

But what about when there appears to be no end in sight?  What about when that miracle just seems to be taking forever?  What about when you start to question whether or not God will come through, or whether you are just plain on the right path to begin with?  The “limbo” state can be tough because it causes us to question our faith, wears us out if we allow it, and can cause us to give up if we aren’t mindful.

How many of us may have been on the cusp of a breakthrough before we gave up?  We may never know just how many we have missed.

How Can Satan Steal Your Breakthrough?

  1. breakthroughKnowing God’s Promises, But They Aren’t Manifesting.  Nothing makes you question your faith more than when you know your scripture, but it isn’t manifesting (yet).  You examine your life, your situation, and look at your Bible… It just doesn’t line up.  You ask yourself, “Why?”.  Yet, the answer is unknown.  It just doesn’t make sense.  The walk in the wilderness is tired, and feels too long.  You ask the Lord in frustration as to when this season will ever end….  But you don’t realize Satan is stealing your breakthrough by making you question your faith.
  2. Staying in the Valley.  Our faith will be tested.  It takes endurance and perseverance holding on to God’s promises in order to attain victory.  This stretches our faith, refines us, and helps us to mature.  If God always answered prayers immediately, we would not develop perseverance and we would not mature in our faith.  Furthermore, we would take advantage of God in our expectation, lose our thankfulness due to our expectation, and we would never learn to rely fully on God.  Satan steals your breakthrough by making you give up before your victory.
  3. Believing the Lies Of The Enemy.  Satan will whisper all sorts of things in your ear, he will natter in your thought life, and if that doesn’t work, he uses fear to initiate unbelief.  If we don’t know our authority in Christ, or scripture, Satan steals our breakthrough by getting into our thoughts causing unbelief.
  4. Staying Willfully in Sin.  There is a difference between working through a temptation/overcoming sin and habitual sin.  If your heart is truly repentant, and you are trying to change but failing, God understands because He looks at the heart.  Habitual sin, however, is different.  When we sin over and over with only “lip service” as repentance, God will give us over to our sin.  For example, we are called to be good stewards of our finances.  However, there are those who continually mismanage what they have by impulse spending or living beyond their means.  When they get into trouble, they cry out to God for provision- and God will honour it for a time.  But if the person keeps overspending and is only repentant when they lack, their lack of change will keep them in the valley.  How can God increase you with much when you aren’t being responsible with little?  In this case, we can be preventing our breakthrough, but some also believe the lie that as long as we confess our sins we are forgiven.  While it is true that God extends mercy when we confess our sins and His grace helps us when we fall, we are expected to have a heart of repentance.  When we just expect that God will forgive us if we confess our sins but aren’t repentant and keep sinning anyway, God gives us over to our sin.  Why?  Because if He doesn’t, we will never grown, we are being unteachable, and repentance means that you will turn from your sin.  Satan steals your breakthrough by making you believe this lie.

Helen Murray discusses what to do when you are frustrated that your breakthrough hasn’t manifested and why this may be occurring.  She discusses how Satan can erode your faith and how to overcome the wiles of the enemy.  She will also discuss how to discern whether you are the cause of the situation, or it’s the enemy.  Helen will give you hope when the road seems too long, you have become weary, feel abandoned, and feel that you don’t deserve to be in the position that you are in.  She will help you restore your relationship with the Lord, and heal any trust issues you may have incurred along the way.

This feature and more in our next issue coming out on October 26, 2018!

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