“Satan’s Clubs” are being used by atheists in response to Bible Clubs in School

There could be a Satan’s Club in your child’s school. “Satanic Temple” has been established in schools in response to many organizations, such as Child Evanlegism Foundation, who hold Bible clubs nationally.

Satan's Club

Recently, Child Evangelism Foundation won a Supreme Court ruling to allow the integration of religious clubs in schools. As a result, according to CEF, Atheists attempted to get CEF’s Good News Club, out of schools by beginning a Satan Club. This attempt was made to cause panic amongst parents and school boards wherein all religious clubs would be terminated.

Satan’s Club did generate controversy in 2016. Some parents and school boards reeling as they felt there was deception. The result was now policies in some schools make it challenging for all after-school clubs. Yet Child Evangelism Foundation did manage to conduct 4,900 Good News Clubs.

Parents are Unaware that Teaching About Bible In Schools Is Legal

Just like any other after-school club, students can choose to attend Bible lessons. Parents must give written permission. Furthermore, CEF has received a favorable response from the school Principals. They commented that it motivated children to complete homework, exercise good behavior, support good characteristics, and provided a better overall outlook on life.

CEF notes that Satan’s Clubs are not as active in schools. There are still posters, but they claim that most of the clubs are disorganized. They say they tend to take on a humanistic approach as opposed to a Satanic.

Yet they also conclude that the Good News Clubs continue to flourish not only nationally, but globally as more parents encourage their children to follow God’s Word.

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