Would it be, “don’t do this!”, “Avoid them”, Or “things WIll be Fine”? What Would your words of wisdom be?

Recently, my father passed away quite suddenly. Unfortunately, he had abused his body for years that began when he was younger, resulting in numerous health issues that he had to contend with. Yet, even though he had not been kind to his body, God gave him a long life… and many narrow escapes/miracles.

He seemed indestructible… We thought that he would live another twenty years, easily. Despite limitations, he continued to do what he had always done- nothing really slowed him down, much. So on that Monday, when my aunt had phoned to inform me that he had passed away, I was shocked.

He had gone to emergency on the previous Friday for a bloody nose that wouldn’t stop. They packed it, and sent him home. He had phoned me later in the day, and had told me, “I’m not long for this world.”

I had responded, “What do you mean, dad? It was just a nose bleed. If it was really serious, they would have kept you in the hospital.”

I had expected him to be healed. He was taking aspirin, so his blood not being able to clot was not a big deal. They took him off of the aspirin, and set an appointment for him to return.

The next day, they checked his bandages, and it hadn’t fully clotted yet. They put him on antibiotics and sent him home. He was to return again on Monday. On Monday, he went back to the hospital… and didn’t return home. While there, his blood pressure spiked, dropped, and he passed away from heart failure.

No one saw it coming.

The point?

My life had changed in an instant. We never know what is around the corner and tend to take life for granted. Often, we fail to see those that surround us as gifts. We think that they will always be there. But God will call each of us home, eventually. Even though my dad may have been a bit of a handful, I cherished every moment with him. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.


Yet, in going through the house, I was confronted with memories- both good and bad. I saw myself at different ages, and remembered what life was life. I marvelled at the simplicity of youth, the struggle through adolescence as I established who I was, and my adulthood wherein I gained my freedom… But also matured as I took on the responsibility aspect of growing older.

As I looked back, a part of me longed to be that carefree five-year old, again. Yet, I also began to wonder what I would say to her. Would she be happy with who she turned out to be? What should she have done differently? Oh, the wisdom I could have imparted to her!

Life in your twenties is different than your thirties. In your forties, you enter yet another phase in life wherein you experience role-reversals, raising kids (some still raising, and some leaving), and balancing life. The fifties are even more different, as another season begins. Each season has its beauty, and also its challenges.

So What Would I say to Younger me?

Well, that was a question that inspired our July 2020 issue. What would we say to our younger selves? Each of our writers is in different seasons in their lives. No matter what our age, we all have experiences, and wisdom that we have gained from those experiences. Life has shaped each of us.

Now, we want to share each of our experiences with you. This month was “writer’s choice”, and each team member chose what wisdom they would share. Their stories are personal, and touching. Many of them are designed so that you don’t go down the same path, or to show you the victory that lies ahead.

It is designed to encourage you, and to give you a sense that you are not alone. Many of us have done the same things, and made the same mistakes. Those of us that grow either learn from them, or learn from others.

We, at Faith Filled Family Magazine, hope that you hear our hearts as we share with you. We hope that we positively impact your lives, and change many others. Our tag line is, “Helping Families Live Victoriously in Christ”. May this issue lead you to the victory that you may be seeking.

July 2020 comes out on June 26, 2020.

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