Republican Steve Scalise who is a congressional staffer and member of the congressional police force was shot Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia during a GOP congressional baseball practise for an upcoming game.  So far, sources are calling this an apparent “deliberate attack.”

President Trump says the gunman was killed.  The shooter was identified by federal law enforcement as 66 year-old James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois.

Scalise is the third ranking member of the House Republican leadership as the majority whip.  He appeared to have been shot in the hit, and two Capitol hill police agents were shot as well according to CNN.  Additionally, a congressional staffer was injured, Matt Mika (lobbyist for Tyson Foods who occasionally engages in practises) was also said to be one of the victims.  Senator Jeff Flake reported that Mika received the most serious injuries.

The latest report is that at 9:45 am ET, Scalise was reported to be in stable condition, but must undergo surgery.

The injured Capitol Police officers are listed in good condition with no life-threatening injuries, as reported by Capitol Police Chief, Matthew Verderosa.

At a news conference, Verderosa reported that it was too early to determine whether the shooting was an act of terrorism or whether certain members of Congress were targeted by the shooter.
The Members of Congress were practicing for a game that was to be played Thursday night at Nationals Park.  It is not clear, at this point, as to whether the game will be rescheduled.  This annual baseball game has been played for over a century.
It was reported by lawmakers at the scene that the day began as a normal practice at a location that they have played for years.  Suddenly, shots were fired causing everyone to run for cover to avoid the gunshots.
Eyewitnesses described Scalise as dragging himself 15 yards away from second base where he had been playing.  He then lay there until the shooter was neutralized.  After that, people ran to assist Scalise to apply pressure to the wound until he could receive the proper medical attention.  Scalise was coherent the entire time.
The gun was reported to be a semiautomatic, by Brooks, and the shooter was hiding behind the third base dugout.
So far, Capitol Hill has increased their security, and canceled or postponed regular proceedings.

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