The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance Teaches Tweens about the Bible Wrapped in an Epic Adventure

Scarlet City Studios, which is based in New Zealand, announces the launch of their latest project entitled, “The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance”.  This game is sure to engage gamers with its online role-playing adverture game geared towards tweens.  The Aetherlight: Chronicles of The Resistance retells scriptural stories in an “exciting steampunk world” which includes quests, puzzles, crafting and more.

This game is planned to launch early May 2016, however limited early access packages are available at

Carl Becker, CEO of Scarlet City Studios says, “Great gaming is as much about great storytelling as it is about the gameplay itself.  We have taken the greatest story ever told – the story of the God of the Bible and His relationship with humanity – and built an allegorical world that is truly epic. Think The Chronicles of Narnia, or Ben Hur, or even Dave and the Giant Pickle! What this means is that the player’s experience is as deep as it is long – our hope is that this brand new expression of the biblical narrative will help them to see their own world, and their part in it, through new lenses – with greater hope and a richer sense of meaning.”

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance will gradually unfold over several chapters which will be released every few months.  Additionally, The Resistance Academy will provide Bible study activities, exploring the stories, contexts and meanings of scripture.  It will challenge players to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, and to apply what they have learned into their lives.  Analytical tools help aid parents of how their child is progressing in the game and Resistance Academy thereby opening up a dialogue to discuss faith.

The game has been endorsed by the American Bible Society who deems the game as “innovative and authentic expression of the Bible narrative.

“There is a battle for the hearts and minds of young people… that’s why I’m excited about The Aetherlight,” commented Roy Peterson, president and CEO of American Bible Society. “Through this gaming experience, we have a mechanism to get young people to engage with Scripture.”

To help players engage with scripture, Tyndale House Publishers and Scarlet City Studios are partnering to create the first Bible designed for young gamers.  Aetherlight companion Bible, which is themed around the game, will be used as a resource for players and aid families in connecting the game and scripture.  The Bible is scheduled for release this summer.

Presently, the game can be accessed online for $12.99 with subsequent episodes priced at $15.99.  Additionally, parents can purchase a variety of packages with exclusive bonuses which include behind the scenes access and ability to design in-game content.



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