American Idol alumni Scott Macintyre and his wife, Christina, launched an international non-profit. The couple hopes to lead people to faith by using inspirational music and testimony.

Scott Macintyre

Created in 2019, Scott Macintyre Ministries, is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It has garnered generous support which has enabled them to travel across the U.S. and overseas.

“Because of the generosity of others, new doors have opened for me and Christina to share about God’s love in numerous school assemblies and church gatherings where we wouldn’t be able to go otherwise,” said Scott. “The more I minister to people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, the more I am convinced that God has blessed me as a blind person to speak the Gospel to people’s hearts.”

How It All Began…

The ministry began in 2017 when Scott was a guest artist on an Alaskan Christian cruise. After he performed, a woman came up to Scott’s merchandise table and wanted to give a donation to his music ministry. This eventually leads to more donations. Over time, Scott and Christina were able to establish Scott Macintyre Ministries as a department of Artists in Christian Testimony International.

Once established, the ministry grew quickly with the couple traveling to provide hope to people dealing with hardships. In late 2019, Scott was invited to Amman, Jordan where he spoke to refugee children and families. The written responses were very powerful.

“Your testimony is so close to what our refugees go through, because though you don’t have your sight, you see Jesus. Please keep sharing your message everywhere you go!”

Pastor Hythum

Reaching children and students quickly became a major focus. The couple felt that there is a large opportunity to engage them at a heart level.

“There is so much brokenness in both Christian and mainstream schools, and Scott and I want to remind the next generation that they are loved unconditionally by God,” said Christina. “We’ve seen people leave our events with new hope to overcome addiction, depression and even thoughts of suicide.”

The Future

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the ministry continued to encourage students through Zoom webinars. Media has become the center of their strategy, and it will be launching their first TV special this fall.

Michael LaBorn was privileged to meet with the couple to discuss ministry, the impact over the lives of others, and their heart for those in need. The interview is in our September 2020 issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine.

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