Scott was Killed for Her Faith in Columbine Shootings

Multi-talented Abigail Duhon debuted her new video, “I’m not Ashamed” on Juce TV yesterday.  I’m Not Ashamed was co-written by Duhon and Grammy Award winning producer Chuck Butler.
The song is based on the tragic death of Rachel Joy Scott.  Scott was the student killed in the 1999 Columbine High School shooting for admitting her faith.    Duhon’s video performance has been captured, and is available to view online below.  This song will be released for radio, online, and to music outlets later this summer.
“I’m Not Ashamed” is the title track for a film highlighting Scott, and will feature Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.  Also featured from Duck Dynasty will be mother, Korie Robertson, and younger sister, Bella.  The movie will premiere on October 21 and is based on Scott’s journal which includes a written prayer that led to the title and song.
“When I read the script for the upcoming film, I was so moved by Rachael’s story,” says Duhon. “Her strong faith is the inspiration for my new single and it inspires me every time I sing it. What a lovely legacy Rachel left us to always be bold and stand up for what we believe no matter what we might be facing.”
“Rachel was so strong on that fateful day in 1999, as she professed her faith in Christ when everything was against her,” explains Howard. “That someone so young was willing to die for her beliefs is a lesson for all of us. I sincerely hope that this song and movie will bring honor to Rachel’s memory and inspire Christians and non-believers around the world.”
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