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Our Rating: G

Released: 1993

Director: Scott Swofford

Producers: Don A. Judd and Scott Swofford

Featuring: Brandon Blaser, Rick Macy, Isaac Fugal, Jason Glenn, Jason Johnson, Stephanie Dees, and Marissa Porritt.

Running Time: 86 minutes

Cost: $12.95  USD at family.tv


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Secret of Treasure Mountain

The Buttercream Gang is at it again! This time, they have a mystery to unravel on their hands.
While the “gang” is looking for archeological finds, Eldon stumbles upon an old rolled up piece of parchment. Eager to discover its contents and significance, Eldon’s uncle calls upon an “expert” who unravels the parchment and discovers that it is one-third of a map. The “expert” says that the map has no value, and asks if Eldon would sell it to him. While Eldon is desperate to raise money so that an elderly gentleman can stay in his home, it is not enough, and he declines the offer.
Yet interestingly, that same night the school where the map resided experienced a break in and they tried to steal the map. Eldon begins to wonder if the map is as worthless as the expert claims it to be.
In a series of twists and turns, the gang seeks to find each of the missing pieces of the treasure map. They hope that the treasure they find will be enough to allow the man to still reside in his home. Yet who has the missing pieces? Where can they be found? More importantly, why is the third piece so heavily guarded?
Will the ButterCreamers be able to save the man’s house, or will it be sold to the highest bidder?
Faith and scripture is wonderfully woven into this tale of pirate treasure and will keep young viewers entertained until the very end. The Secret of Treasure Mountain is a very clean, family friendly movie. The plot is not predictable, and contains enough action that your children will hang on to every word. My children really enjoyed it, and have enthusiastically watched it several times over. It has quickly become one of their favorites.
With the heavy action scenes, this movie is perfect for young boys between age four to eight. The action scenes are not graphic. They are just perfect for this age group. It teaches children in this age group the value of helping other, being selfless, and persistent. It also teaches young ones how to deal with insecurity, and to be content in who God created us to be. Children learn that the greatest gifts are within themselves, and character is what truly matters.
I would give this movie an eight out of ten. The storyline was nice and simple, but somewhat predictable in places.

Things to be Aware of:

Stealing: treasure is stolen and buried.
Lying: The men lie about the treasure being worthless. They operate heavily in deception in order to obtain the riches of their forefathers.
Greed: The motive behind the lying and stealing.

In essence, it is a good movie to use as a teaching tool regarding the scripture that reads, “Pride comes before a fall” and “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

Many thanks to Debi Nelson from Family TV for the privilege of reviewing such phenomenal movies!