How Can My Secret Sin Prevent Me From Feeling The Love Of God?

Even though we think that it’s something that we are dealing with, fantasizing about, or indulging in, secret sin isn’t really secret. You might be able to hide it to an extent from those around you, but you can’t hide it from the one true being that knows your heart- God.

God knows every thought, every move, and every desire. These are the things that God will hold you accountable for. There are no secrets when it comes to God. So why do we try to hide things from Him? Why do we give Him lip-service when He knows the truth? Who are we deceiving?

secret sin
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Eventually, because we are meditating on something, our secret sin will be discovered. Whether it is by our actions, what is revealed, or by our own lips, secret sin is often exposed. We are then forced to deal with it… or sometimes God exposes it for us.

You never want to get to a place where God exposes your sin to others. This can come to you via a word of knowledge wherein God reveals it to another person in order to get your attention. Other times, instead of it being a one-on-one confrontation, to really get your attention, God can outright expose it publicly.

But don’t worry… God usually tries to deal with you privately instead. If we listen, and repent, it usually just stays with us. Also, if God doesn’t choose to expose it publicly, sometimes He just gives us over to our sin. But you don’t want this, either.

God cannot be in the presence of sin, so if He gives you over to your sin, it means that your relationship with Him drifts further apart. It isn’t by His doing, but our own because we decided to pursue something not of God, and have forsaken God himself.

Kathy McBroom discusses how exactly secret sin prevents us from feeling the love of God. She also talks about how to return into a close relationship with Him again, and how to turn away from sin.

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