Ever been accused of being overly ambitious/prideful and the person commenting made you question your motives?  Selfish ambition and pride can often be mistaken for hard work and a desire to succeed.  However, viewed by someone who may feel jealous or insecure around you, it comes across as selfish ambition.

ambitionWhat Are Some Of The Distinguishing Factors Of Selfish Ambition?

  • You have no regard for other people.  You don’t care if you “crush the competition” because it’s all about winning- no matter what the cost.  Other people’s feelings are inconsequential.
  • You take credit for other people’s efforts and ideas.  It’s all about what you can do/what you did.
  • You are not a team player.  If you are put on a team, you will lead with a “my way or the highway” attitude.  You will be sure to make your contributions known while minimizing others.
  • You delight in making others look bad while you look good.  You criticize others behind their backs.
  • You spread gossip about others/start rumours.
  • You manipulate others for your own gain.
  • And the list goes on…

Why Do People Engage in This Behaviour?

Mostly because they are insecure about themselves and their abilities.  To some employers, this type of person looks like a go-getter because they appear to be working hard and are dedicated.  The person engaging in this behaviour often will “kiss up” to the boss and will go the extra mile to please this individual… with strings attached, of course!

Why Employers/Managers Shouldn’t Promote This Type Of Person?

If you are in management, beware because you may be next.  No one is safe from a self-promoting, self-made individual.  It is God who promotes, and it is God who takes down- this person has not grasped this concept.  Their trust is not in the Lord, but in their own abilities (or perceived lack thereof).  Eventually, their lack of skills or inability to work successfully with others will catch up to them.  Their ineptitude will eventually be exposed, and no company can afford the mistakes that may come with someone who is unable to successfully complete their responsibilities.

Furthermore, they have a serious character flaw that makes them impossible to work with because they are not correctable, nor are they teachable.  Until they are humbled, often people with selfish ambition will continue to step on others and leave problems in their wake.

Randy Williams delves further into the concept of selfish ambition and how to distinguish it from someone who works hard.  It really boils down to the heart behind it.  Randy will also discuss how to tell if this is in operation with your employees, and the dangers of engaging in selfish ambition for the believer.  Randy discusses why this attitude is wrong, and what God does to humble this type of individual.

This feature and many more in our November Issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine!  Our next issue comes out on October 26, 2018.


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