Our September 2017 Issue has Finally Arrived on our Website!

Many Christians fall short of walking in the fullness of the blessings of God for one of three reasons:

  1. They don’t fully understand what they all are (you can’t walk in what you don’t know).
  2. We don’t delve deep enough into scripture to understand the fullness of God’s promises.
  3. We remain complacent at our current level (because it’s comfortable) and don’t realize that there is another level far better than what we are currently experiencing.

Life can be either poor, stable, good or great, and that decision is yours to make.  If there are things in your life that you would like to change, or an area(s) that you are being attacked by the enemy in, it is worth investing time in God’s Word, and our September 2017 issue will take you to that next level.

Once you receive the revelation of God’s promises over your situation, you can then internalize them, which means that you believe that God’s promises are applicable to you.  The you can speak them into and over your situation, which will bring forth a manifestation of your victory.

Our September issue discusses God’s promises over your life, and while there are many that we are aware of, there are many more that we don’t know.  This issue will bring you into the fullness of what God’s promises over your life are, and in many cases, take you to the next level.

Interviews for this issue include: Our cover story of Natasha Owens (Music), Jonathan Daugherty (Author, Secrets), Chris and Stephanie Teague (Music), Andrew Papke (Writer/Director, Movie: UnMiracle), Dr. Charles Mully (Visionary, Movie: Mully) and Krissy Nelson (Author, Created for the Impossible).


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