Depression and suicide have been hot topics lately in media as many celebrities have made headlines with this issue.  It’s been touted as a travesty- and it truly is.  The ending of one’s life is never something to be taken lightly.  And it’s unfortunate, because this individual chose to take their life not fulfilling the plan and purpose that God had designed for them.  In some cases, many may not have known that they had a purpose, or that God even really existed.

depressionFaith in God truly prevents people from taking their own life.  Faith tells us that there is a God who loves us, who is our refuge in a storm, and that every situation has an expiry date- we just have to wait for it.  With God, there is hope, fulfillment, and purpose.  He prevents us from taking our own life by giving us hope, and many of us couldn’t do such a thing anyway because it would negate our purpose in life.

Yet the struggle with depression and suicide is very real.  It attacks believers and non-believers alike.  It is Satan chattering in your ear about how there is nothing to look forward to, life is futile, and the world would be better off without you.  All of these, of course, are lies.  Every single person has meaning.  Every single person has a purpose, and God has plans for each one of us.  God’s plans are to prosper you, and for you, in turn, to glorify Him.

This issue contrasts the  differences between depression and sadness, how to deal with someone who is suicidal, addictions and whether they are related to mental illness or just an addiction, how to regain hope, how to deal with sadness, traumatic events, and the stages of death/grieving.  We also discuss how a person can be healed from mental illness… safely.

Interviews include sportscaster J.B. Brown, Faith McDonnell from Save the Persecuted Christians, David and Nicole Binion, and author Shauna Gallaghan with her new book dealing with children and anxiety.

Our September issue on depression/suicide/mental illness can be found here.

Please forward to anyone that would benefit from hearing these words:  You are important, and your life has meaning.  God loves you more than you know.

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