Faith Filled Family Magazine’s September issue was recently released on our webpage and across social media.

This issue focuses directly on strengthening and shoring up the family unit. We recognize that now, more than ever, Satan is attacking our homes. He is destroying and perverting the sanctity of marriage so much so that it is almost unrecognizable from God’s original design. Couples are unsure of their roles in marriage, and equally confused as to how to treat each other.

Poor communication and lack of finances top the reasons for divorce in this era. Pre-martial counselling is awesome, in many cases. It places emphasis on God, building a marriage, and compatibility. However, it doesn’t always teach us how to effectively communicate with each other in a way that your spouse will hear.

So, often times, things get lost in the translation. Then trouble occurs.

Finances? It is so easy and convenient for a couple to get into debt. Unfortunately, many of us are ill-equipped on how to get out (and stay out) of it. Equally as unprepared are how couples can not allow debt stress to affect their marriage.

Then there is parenting…

How do you raise kids in today’s generation with God’s design being perverted? Christian values are often polar opposites to our liberal society. How do you prevent them from falling into the temptation of the world? Is it unreasonable to expect that they will come out unscathed? Will they know enough not to even try the things that we warn them about… or will they have to learn the hard way?

These are all things that we address in our September issue. We hope that out of it, you will find your family strengthened, and restored back to the way God had originally intended for it to be.

September 2020 can be found here

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