Who Told You That Your Children Will Engage In Pre-Marital Sex? Aren’t They Your Kids?

So, why believe the lie that says the majority of children will engage in sex by a certain age- that most are not virgins when they are married? Why believe a society that devalues the sanctity of marriage and sex in favour of break-ups and hook-ups like they are the “experts” in this matter?

If we judge a tree by its fruit, then why would you listen a world that says that you the best thing you can do for your child is to teach them about contraception… “just in case”. It’s the just in case that’s the lie. Furthermore, anyone ask why there is a “just in case” clause anyway? Why does this phrase exist?

It’s because it is assumed that our children, whether we like it or not, will have sex. That we can’t prevent it from happening, and it’s in our children’s interest that we be proactive by teaching them about the importance of contraception. Some parents have even gone so far as to make contraception readily available “just in case”.


Yet let me ask you this: Why are you assuming this is their fate? Who is teaching them a different outcome? Certainly not a school system which promotes contraception, birth control, abortion, adoption and maybe abstinence! This is the same society that sends the message that you need to date lots of people in order to find the right person.

It’s the same society that promotes a “no strings attached” policy to marriage and relationships. Hook ups are accepted, and relationships are largely devalued.

And you are taking their advice? Why?

Does God tell you that your children will have sex outside of marriage? Does God tell you that abortion is okay when contraception fails, or that your children should even engage in sex in the first place? When did the Bible offer such a pessimistic view of your children?

No, scripture tells us that Jesus bore all sin known to man- that there wasn’t a temptation that He did not experience. If Jesus could overcome temptation and remain sinless, then this should encourage us that our children can do the same. But who is teaching them what to do should they be tempted? How do they even avoid getting to this point in the first place, and what safeguards are we, as parents, incorporating?

You need a plan- an exit strategy- for temptation. Furthermore, you also need to have something in place preventing your child from falling into temptation in the first place.

As parents, we need to teach our children what schools won’t- God’s design for sex, that marriage is between a man and wife in the context of marriage, and how beautiful that experience truly is. We need to teach them that hook ups don’t satisfy, and that purity is the only way to experience the fullness of God’s intension about sex.

Laura Ann Heaton Gray will contrast the world’s view on sex with biblical scripture. She discusses the importance of placing an emphasis on purity and how to teach your children the benefits of being pure before marriage. Laura Ann also discusses planning for dates, and an “exit” strategy in case temptation comes knocking.

It is a discussion that every Christian parent needs to have, and a truth that every Christian youth needs to hear about.

This feature will be in our April issue of Faith Filled Family wherein we discuss how to raise godly youth, and address common issues that youth face.

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