Grace and Guts: How To Live A Knock-Out Life Released January 22, 2019

The book, Grace and Guts by Shannon Perry, discusses how all women are warriors. Women fight for everything… family, friends, children, faith- but often neglect themselves. Satan comes to “kill, steal and destroy” according to scripture. It’s easy to get taken out, but we weren’t designed to be the victim.

Grace and Guts

God promised us the victory when we had the urge to fight back and claim what is ours… that’s where the “guts” part of our faith journey begins, and God gives us the grace to endure what Satan throws our way.

Shannon Perry is a counsellor, speaker, television host, and award-winning author. She has asked countless women in her conferences one single question, “What ares in life do you struggle with the most?”

In Grace and Guts, Perry addresses 12 core topics according to her research, that women defined as the most difficult challenges they’ve faced. Perry offers biblical guidance, biblical solutions, and utilizes humour to guide her readers into victory.

In our interview with Shannon Perry, she not only talks about the book, but reveals her own challenges with her parents that she has overcome. Thus Shannon hasn’t just “done her research”, but has lived what she writes about.

She talks candidly about both of her parent’s struggle with cancer, and the effect that it had on her, personally. Her story is inspiring, and encouraging.

For more information on Shannon Perry and her book, Grace and Guts, please visit her website at

Shannon’s interview will be our upcoming edition released on March 26th!

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