Should Christians Judge Others?

“Don’t judge me!” How many times have we, as Christians, heard those words. This statement is usually followed by a lecture on how Christians are either too judgemental, imperfect themselves, or holier than thou. While there are Christians that will give unsolicited advice, the majority of us are quite polite when it comes to disagreements.

There is a myth which states that Christians should not judge others. Some hold to this belief quite tightly. They prescribe to the adage of you let me do by thing, and I’ll let you do yours. No one ever tells someone else what they are doing is wrong- even if it really it. It is a mantra of acceptance without accountability. While convenient, this isn’t always practical.

Myth: Christians shouldn’t judge. While scripture tells us not to judge others, it also tells us to judge others by their fruit. Explain both areas in scripture and how they both apply/what they apply to.

Judge Not lest You Be Judged

Does this really apply? Yes, scripture tells us not to judge others, however, there are ways in which this may be necessary for a Christian. For example, if someone were a known pedophile, would you follow this statement and leave your children with them to babysit, or would you proceed with caution?

Most of us would proceed with caution because we don’t want anything to happen to our kids. However, this is deemed as judging someone else. An argument is made that they have changed their ways- they have reformed.

While they may have, we still need to incorporate wisdom into our decisions.

Kevin Dustow tackles this issue in our upcoming issue of FFFM. He discusses when it is acceptable to use wisdom in any given situation without being judgemental.

For this feature and more, check out our next issue of FFFM coming out on May 26, 2021. Which myth have you fallen prey to?

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