Those who work in the five fold ministry: pastors, evangelists, teachers, apostles, and profits have been anointed and chosen by God to reside in this office.  The keyword is chosen.  God chose these people for this role within the church, and they are worthy of our utmost respect regardless of any personal relationship we may have with them.

Too often though, we slip into a pattern of disrespect, and many of us might not even recognize it.  However, the result is real: you are messing with God’s chosen one.  And NOBODY does that without serious consequence.

Have you fallen into these traps:

  • Criticized the pastor for decisions they made, part of the sermon, dress etc?
  • Criticized a leader’s behavior- not because of a biblical discrepancy?
  • Gossiped about your minister?
  • Listened to gossip about your priest?
  • Created dissension or conflict against your pastor in church?
  • Argued with your leader and/or raised your voice?
  • Showed disrespect in any way?
  • Called them by their first name (familiarity)?

Then you need to read the article by Lisa Carter entitled, “Show a Little Respect!” in our May issue on Business, Leadership and the Workplace.