It’s that nagging voice lingering in the back of our thoughts that continually brings up past mistakes.  It tries to hold us in bondage to our past.  It tries to disqualify us from walking in the destiny that God has provided for us.  We feel unworthy, and sometimes, unlovable.  The voice binds us to a past that we would like to move on from, and from events that we cannot go back in time to change.

All of this endless “noise”, if you note, comes at a time when we are about to be catapulted into our destiny.  Then, this nagging voice inside of us says we are not good enough.  It brings up events from the past to shame us.  The voices tell you that you will never be good enough, and that your sin is too great.  The biggest lie that it will tell you is that your sin is too great for forgiveness.  Sometimes it will convince you that God won’t forgive you.

Often, we think this voice is just ourself having an internal conflict.  We think that if we could just “get over” that we could move on.  This is far from the truth.

Clarissa Kennerly gets to the heart of this matter, and will bring you scriptural truths.  The voice disguised as yourself is Satan bringing condemnation.  The purpose?  To keep you where you are- miserable, and stuck in the past.  He’s afraid of your future, because if you could catch just a glimpse of it, you would never pay attention to Satan’s voice again.

Clarissa will guide you through how to break free from the voice of condemnation.  This article will allow you to move forward into your destiny.  You will no longer be shacked to the past.

Ready for the truth?  This article and more in our November Issue on Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Thankfulness coming out October 26th.

Your future is your decision.


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