Synopsis of SKILLET – “Unleashed”

SKILLET is a Christian hard rock group creating great music since 1996 with the release of nine albums. They have had two of their three last albums go platinum with the last album reaching gold status.  Skillet’s album Rise was released three years ago so Skillet fans will be excited about Unleashed!

Songs on Album

  1. Feeling Invincible

The opening song of Skillet’s new album begins with an encouraging start. The song lets you rock out while reminding you about the dangers in the world including many voices wanting your attention, however, following Christ gives a new perspective leaving you “Feeling invincible.”

  1. Back from the Dead

The second song capitalizes on returning from things that will bring you down and rising out of doubt. It has a rush of electric guitar which will make you want to dance in celebration of, “being back from the dead tonight.”

  1. Stars

This song has a catchy beat while the lyrics remind us of God’s creation. The artists emphasize the redeeming love God has for His children by caring for them. “If you can hold the stars in place. Then you can hold my heart the same.”  God’s care is as infinite as the stars.

  1. I Want to Live

The fourth song on the album opens with a symphonic rock element. It begins telling the story of the Christian life and the pull between wanting to live for Christ but having a sinful nature. The lines, “You always come for me, you know just what I need” give comfort and hope. It speaks to the heart of God’s enablement to new starts in life.

  1. Undefeated

This song opens up with a great drum and electric guitar solo. The lyrics communicate being unstoppable even when you feel life is “Closing in from every side. Bleeding me dry, I’m fading fast.” It continues by reminding the listener of life’s ups and downs, however, those things can’t defeat you.

  1. Famous

As the sixth song on the album it gives a positive upbeat message on testifying about Christ to the world. “I am unashamed…Can’t deny you’re my everything…You’re the star of the show we came to see” are some of the lyrics encouraging followers to spread the good news about Christ so the world will know all He has done for us.

  1. Lions

Lions begins with a ballad feel while speaking about God being victorious. “We walk by faith and not by sight” that in our weakness God makes us strong. (2Corinthains 12:10) He helps us to walk boldly and to soar as eagles because we have nothing to fear we can “walk as lions.”

  1. Out of Hell

This song seems to be out of place in the album Unleashed. The song expresses the feeling of being unseen and living in a hell. However, it points towards the need for humans to rely on the Lord as He is the only one who can save them.

  1. Burn it Down

Opening with a beat you can dance to Burn it Down’s lyrics begin with a question wondering if the listener has ever wished they weren’t a prisoner. “All these things I can do without” speaks to the hope found when all the things that hold us down can be removed.

  1. Watching for Comets

This song has a slower pace as it contemplates losing love. The writer addresses broken hearts and healing from the loss of the relationship by painting a picture of waiting for the return of the loved one.  The song reminded me about the return of Christ.

  1. Saviors of the World

This song has a very danceable rhythm while the songs meaning is a little obscure. The lyrics, “We are the saviors of the world. And I will not be ruled” seem to send a self-fulfilled message. The words continue with finding ourselves will help us live again. This song could be referring to how the world is not to conform or rule us leaving us feeling Unleashed.

  1. Resistance

The last song starts with a great drum solo to end the album. The lyrics speak of suffering, “They can take my heart, they can take my breath. When they pry it from my cold, dead chest.” The words continue with an encouraging message to rise up as “love is the answer” to speak boldly even in Resistance.


This was my first time listening to a Christian Rock group and I enjoyed it! The messages of some songs promote a positive approach to the Christian life. The songs are great to get your feet moving and spread a smile across your face. Skillet fans will thoroughly enjoy Unleashed!


Although, I enjoyed the album some of the lyrics to the songs Savior of the World and Out of Hell bothered me due to the lack of gospel centered thinking. Some of the messages were also a little unclear and hard to decipher.


Overall, it was a good experience listening to my first Christian Rock band!

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