“I hate wearing masks,” disgruntled people are saying all over. “I’m not going to wear one. You can’t make me!”

Mask boycotts and protests are becoming more prevalent as people are tired of this “new normal”. Yet, with the second wave of COVID rearing its ugly head, do we really have the luxury of not practicing proper protocol?

Too often, people disregard social distancing as well. It’s difficult in many settings as social norms unconsciously dictate how far apart we remain from each other. It’s challenging to train ourselves to obey the “six-foot” rule. Often we forget because this is still not normal for us.

Social distancing

We justify not always following the rules as we are too young to get sick. Or I am healthy- I will just get a mild case. Yet we don’t know the impact the virus will have on our system. We cannot say with any real certainty that we will have a mild or severe case. If we are run down, or stressed, the virus could hit us harder. We just don’t know.

When we disobey social distancing, we endanger both ourselves, and those around us. Those other people may be the elderly, those with respiratory issues, people with cancer, etc.

We just don’t know. Yet we are responsible for both the transmission, and indirectly for other people’s health.

Nancy discusses why people choose not to obey social distancing protocol. She discusses the rationale behind it, and sheds light on why people are engaging in such risky behaviour. She also brings to light the many dangers that most people just don’t consider.

This feature and more in our upcoming issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on October 26, 2020!

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