Spending time with God
means more than just reading your Bible each day.  It is about being in an active relationship with Him- talking to Him, praying to Him, waiting on Him, surrendering to Him, and meditating on His Word, daily.  It is about being in His presence, and allowing Him to guide your path.  God wants you to read His Word because He wants you to mature as a Christian and so that the enemy doesn’t deceive you, but, more importantly, in spending time with Him, we develop a deeper relationship with Him.  A relationship with Christ enables God to give you deeper revelation into His Word, and to grow you up spiritually.  Through His Word, and through the Holy Spirit, we receive answers to our prayers, and to our problems.  It helps draw us closer to Him, and appreciate Him for who He is.  It is in these moments that God is glorified, and it enables us to glorify Him by sharing our testimony to others so that they may be encouraged.

Ross Thompson will not only discuss what spending time with the Lord looks like, and its importance, but will also deal with the distractions that can arise when we are looking to deeply connect with Him.  If you have ever found that when you try to get into His presence you fall asleep/get sleepy, the children wake up early, your spouse interrupts, there is an usual amount of noise, or you can’t focus, then you NEED to read this article!  It will explain why distractions arise, and how to deal with them.

This article on spending time with the Lord, and more can be found in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine!

Our next issue comes out on June 26, 2018.


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