What is in Operation, and How What Does God Want Me to Do?

We have heard of a spirit of discernment and a spirit of wisdom, but many Christians confuse the two.  A spirit of discernment is able to discern which spirit is in operation in a person: is is godly, demonic, or just the person speaking.  A discerning spirit is able to tell the difference, and take action.  Meanwhile, a word of wisdom is knowledge about someone else’s life that you have no prior knowledge of, and have no way of knowing.  It is given to you by God, and the person who receives it just knows something about another person.

In our next issue, Chris Benton will discuss both of these gifts in greater detail, and will tell you how to flow in each.  He will discuss what to do when God gives you a word about someone else’s life, and how to release a correction to someone without them taking offence.  Correction from God is always meant to make us better, or to expose sin.  However, the goal should never be to offend the person, nor be offensive as neither glorify God.  He will also discuss how a believer knows what to do with the information, and what God’s instructions are regarding the situation.

He will also discuss what to do in the case of discernment when you know when a demon is trying to speak or influence you.  Also, we will discuss how to tell if that “gut feeling”/”intuition” is just you, or indeed a warning from God.

All this, and more in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on November 27, 2017 via our website, our free subscription, and across all social media!  Make sure you don’t miss out on this next issue!


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