Most of us don’t intend on neglecting our spouses, but life can often get in the way preventing spouses from spending quality time with each other. Kids, work, household responsibilities and family obligations all compete for our time each day. It’s easy for our spouses to get lost in the mix- if we are not mindful.


How Do You Know If Your Marriage Is On Autopilot?

Do you spend time with your spouse? Time is not defined as being in the same room or general commentary. Rather it is time set aside for the two of you to connect with each other. It should be spent without the distraction of children, family, friends, or any outside influences- just one on one with your spouse. Communication should be meaningful- not general.

How Do I Spend Meaningful Time With My Spouse? What Does It Look Like? We’re So Busy!

Many spouses initiate “date nights” as quality time. It is a time when a husband and wife can get away just the two of them and spend time together. Women love it because it’s a time away from home or work. They tend to feel appreciated when their husbands take them out, and the communication goes a long way to developing intimacy.

For husbands, it’s their chance to connect with their wives, to appreciate them, and to talk uninterrupted. It’s difficult to carry on a conversation when there are children around (who generate interruptions and noise), and when the kids are in bed, often couples are too tired to engage in conversation with one another.

Quality time in marriage tells your husband/wife that they are important to you above everything else, and keeps marriage in its proper place on the priority list.

Shanta Chester discusses the importance of incorporating quality time in a marriage. It is a wise investment in a marriage that pays dividends in both longevity, marital satisfaction, and intimacy. Shanta will discuss what quality time encompasses for couples, as well as what happens when we neglect each other. Shanta also talks about how you can identify characteristics of neglect in your own marriage, and how to rectify it.

This feature and many more in our February issue dealing with marriage busters and builders. Our February issue will be coming out on January 28, 2019!

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